Tuesday, August 30, 2011


A lull has settled over the challenge sites... I'm in between challenges and there are no creative obligations looming in front of me.  Hmmm what should I do?  I did some surfing, I needed some colors and I found a site... I really dug their challenge this week.  Probably because I don't find these colors challenge, as much as I find them comforting and welcoming.  These are FAVORITES and I've stepped away from my old color friends for so long I felt compelled to work with them again.  No, sorry no free plug just yet.  I'm not sure if this site is for me, but I will say it's intriguing.  It combines colors and a sketch.  I usually use a color challenge and combine it with another sketch challenge so this was a good thing.
I took this picture of Taylor in Nauvoo, IL.  It was the most beautiful of Sunday mornings I've seen for a long time.  The community was very quiet, but everyone was at church.  (Yeah, we didn't visit Nauvoo for spiritual reason's..we came for the family reunion)  So we wandered the streets, did some window shopping and explored the historical community set-up.  There's a blacksmith shop, general store..you get the vibe right?  I played with my camera and then grabbed my kids for subject matter!!! :D   I told Taylor he might as well get use to this, he's a senior and he'll be doing senior pics very soon.
This was one of those layouts where once you get rolling, you're grabbing stuff left and right.  This just snowballed and I was so tickled with it's simple but effective results.  I didn't feel confined with the colors or the sketch, instead more inspired and motivated. 

I had so much fun with the tag element.  It allowed me some creative freedom with out deviating from my "plan" for the layout.  It's one large element that contains all kinds of fun creative elements.  I inked, distressed, sanded and used crackle medium.  I have twine, metal and fussy cutting.  All in one convenient tag. 
I hope you enjoy this.  I know I found it very enjoyable and relaxing creating this week.  Now back to the "grind" and gearing up for Taylor's choir year.  I intend to do better balancing these endeavors in life and be able to continue constructive productive scrapping AND school mom things.

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