Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Do you listen to your dreams?  Can you remember what you dreamed?  Are they crazy imaginative nonsense things or are they friends, family and loved ones.  Are you acting out scenes in life, reliving events?  Or are you watching a movie in your sleep of something/someone you'll never see or speak to again?

I dream.  I use to dream A WHOLE LOT when I was younger.  STRONG dreams too.  I'd dream one night and the next this eery sense of De Je Vu would settle on my shoulders.. Yep, use to do that alot in high school.  When my brother passed... the year after was an endless stream of dreams of Aaron.  Living breathing flesh reality dreams, waking with this feeling tremendous loss.  (I call those, the goodbye dreams)

This week I had one of those dreams.  The person in my dream was so incredibly real.  And this dream showed me all the wonderful positive changes that this person was trying to achieve when our paths turned in different directions.  Without going into all the details of this dream..I'll just say it left me with a strong sense of "I need to do something" when I awoke.  But what?   After a phone call to a girlfriend, and status update on my FB... the response was.. YES do SOMETHING.  This is what I did...

It's just a card.  But it made me feel pro-active.  That I was acknowledging the dream and the path it was taking me down.  It will be out of my hands the moment I put the flag up on the mail box and when the mail carrier takes this to it's destination. 
I took a piece of mica and stamped my image w/ StazOn in black.  I flipped the mica over and used my Twinkling H2O's, Perfect Pearls and my Smooch paints to color the image.  I stitched on my background paper, hand stitched the mica to the card front, using the stitches to hold a spray of pearl beads.  My paper Prima flowers hid some of the ickness.  Using StazOn I also stamped the word Dream to the front of the mica.

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