Thursday, June 30, 2011

June Challenge #2 Idealist/Halo

Very very interesting challenge... as I explored the word, meaning and image of "Idealist"  two images immediately come to mind.  My father and myself.  I didn't realize but to certain degree's we are "Idealist".   I AM a person who cherishes, embraces and likes to believe in a higher principles and purposes.  I like to believe that ALL people share the same philosophy of good over evil, "doing the right thing" and putting others before yourself.  And when following this train of thought...ACTING on it as well.  Practicing it in daily life.

This would probably explain why I'm so easily shocked and surprised when the outcome of certain scenarios and peoples behavior totally reflect the opposite.  So after repeatedly being shocked and disappointed it was no surprise that my "idealism" began to fade.  I was - am becoming more cynical, more sarcastic and viewed life with the perspective of low expectations.  Not only of MYSELF, but very low expectations of others.   BUT there's a problem with that outlook in life.  I CAN'T BLAME OTHERS FOR MEETING MY LOW EXPECTATIONS.  I CAN'T BLAME OTHERS FOR NOT REACHING MY IDEALIST VIEWS.  I was doing that.   So I'm looking back at the definition of IDEALISM...and realistic or not... I am embracing those thoughts and views. 

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Pamela said...

I am in love with the artsy-journal girl creations!!! Keep it up... It is you, at your best!

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