Wednesday, April 14, 2010


It was a quiet evening.  TV off but Erin decided she wanted to watch a movie so she pulled out the portable dvd player.  Erin is so engrossed in her movie, she never noticed Sarah creep up next to her to watch the movie too.  I glance up from reading and what do I see?  These two sweet faces, deeply involved in their fighting, no squabbling, no fidgeting, just two sisters sharing a movie.  This doesn't happen often in this house.  Two sisters getting along. Two SIBLINGS getting along.  There is usually some noise or conflict.  This was very nice.  I had to document this, I needed something to prove to the girls when they get older that they can get along.  That sharing can be and is very pleasant.  I needed to perserve this moment in time not only for them but for me.  My girls are growing older everyday and soon won't be so little.  This is my little effort to capture the moment, seal time in a bottle..

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