Thursday, January 21, 2010

The Sound of Music

It's almost here! Tomorrow is the Grand Opening of
The Sound of Music. Taylor has been attending practice since December. He has the roll of Baron Elberfeld and his lovely wife, played by Sabrina Boster. When first told of his role, it was described as a walk on scene. No lines... VERY SIMPLE, straight forward and well short. But gotta start some where and EVERY role is important.
Since then he's gained a line, actually two. And he'll be waltzing with the Baroness in a dance scene!! (Taylor dances! Oh MY!)
Last Friday was the casts first costume fitting. Everyone received their costumes (in theory, it's been a little stressful). Notes were made, nips and tucks taken, alternations began. Missing costumes found, non-existant costumes ordered and fetched. The list goes on and on.
I've been excited about this, because it's great seeing Taylor take interest in something other than video games. I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for him to make friends, build existing friendships and expand his social world. It's a wee small.
The kids are a great group of kids. They are teenagers and well teenagers are teenagers. (look more grey hair)
Since Wednesday, they've been running full blown dress rehearsals for the elementary, intermediate, middle and high school students. Two performances, Act 1 every day. Friday they'll have their 2 daytime performances and Friday at 7:00pm...The curtain will open for their debut! Since photography and video is NOT allowed during paid performances (copy right laws) I've been snapping away. Here are few of what I've taken. Enjoy and come back, there will be more. Even better, if you're local. Buy a ticket and come on over and enjoy the live performance of The Sound of Music, at the Springtown High School Fine Performance Auditorium....


Jeanne said...

Way to go Taylor! So proud of you.

cddwil said...

My son really enjoyed the production! That's all he talked about that evening when I came home from work. Way to go Everyone.

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