Monday, July 20, 2009

This Challenge is for YOU!!!

Greetings my scrappy friends. I know, it's been ages since I've last posted anything of any consequence. It's because I haven't set aside the time to do so. And I've been FaceBooking like no other....(it's quite addicting)

I've been on a quest to clean and organize the space I call a scrap room. Most folks referr to it as a laundry room. David wonders why, laundry doesn't get done there often (or often enough). I've been sorting, cleaning, chucking and sharing my scrappy items (I've even been making little contests on FB for my stuff!). One thing I've have en mass is paper, but I'm not willing to let it go just yet. (I know I can use it ALL) another thing I've collected mass quanities of is ribbon..skinny ribbon, fat ribbon, lacey ribbon.. I've already shared a large quanity of it and I think it's been reproducing. In an effort to use some of this ribbon (it is what I bought it for you know) I'm proposing a scrapbooking challenge:

Create a layout (1 or 2 page, your choice) using at least 3-5 different ribbons. You can go monochormatic, complimentary colors & patterns...the choice is yours. The page is YOURS, you're not giving it away, or swaping it. It's yours. BUT show off your work by posting it at your blog or on Facebook.
If you don't scrapbook, but you're a card maker.... make a card but the same rules apply..and let's see the finished products.
I know I have VERY creative friends. I've seen your work. You're all masters in your own haul out the ribbon and get creating. It's Monday... I'm giving you until Friday....

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