Thursday, September 11, 2008

Homecoming POJO style!!

Okay this crap never ceases to amaze me. And being a mom in Texas, I participate in this craziness. Erin has had mums in the past when she cheered, so of course she needed one for this year. BUT I also have a young freshman in highschool to consider, so not knowing if he wanted to get this deep into team/school spirit I bought him his first MUM. His reaction was..." I have to wear it? It's a Flower, don't girls get those?" I explained the whole Texas/Oklahoma mentality and the tradition behind it. "Okay, thanks mom. I appreciate it, but I don't really want to wear it." This morning he says he's going to take it to school. I say, "Really? Just in case you see more guys wearing them?" Taylor says, "No, but I thought I'd give it to............." Slam on the brakes, hold the phone. I smile, "Taylor that's very sweet, but you don't give mums to friends if the mum is a gift from your mother..." *sigh* I'm pretty certain next year we'll be getting FOUR mums.
Tonight will be Taylor's first homecoming. He surprised me by calling from school asking if he could go. I said I suppose. Cool! Can I borrow three bucks for the ticket?? And I need it before noon... Ahh geeze I'm not even out of my pajama's yet and you want me to run to school with three bucks?? Okay.......

When it’s homecoming season across the nation, only in parts of Texas and Oklahoma is it also homecoming mum season. Some students take homecoming mums just as seriously as the homecoming football game itself.
For the uninitiated, a homecoming mum is an oversize mum corsage decorated with three-foot long streamers in the school colors, bells, charms, banners, little plush animals done up in bows, sparkly letters, even Christmas tree lights.
It is usually worn in the middle of the chest like a breastplate with the streamers flowing down the front of the body almost touching the ankles. It is, in short, a fashion statement.
But homecoming mums are so much more than that. They are a sign that somebody loves you. They’re no longer given only by boyfriends. Mums can come from friends, your mom, dad, aunt, or even a booster boy (a boy-friend who is not your date).
Anybody who's anybody wears one, or two. These days, a homecoming mum can cost more than $100 and weigh as much as 12 pounds! Homecoming mums have become a status symbol for many junior high and high school students. Designs change every year. The more original, the better. Even the boys are getting into this fad. They’ve started wearing homecoming garters containing a smaller version of the mums on their sleeves.

Homecoming Mums: The Tradition Chrysanthemums have long been the quintessential Fall flower, so it’s not surprising that they quickly became associated with the quintessential Fall sport – football. In the earliest pictures of college football games, you can pick out the mum corsages worn by the young women in the stands.
Since everything grows big in Texas, it’s also not surprising that the Lone Star State is credited with developing the more elaborate corsages known as homecoming mums. In the 1960’s, these wonderful concoctions could be had there for $10. Ahh, the good ‘ol days.
Over the years, mums were cultivated to grow bigger and bigger and the corsages grew and grew.
Today, the silk flower has replaced the live chrysanthemum as the centerpiece for homecoming mums. With silk flowers, the only size limit to homecoming mum corsages is the size of the wearer! Now a homecoming mum can be saved as a keepsake or recycled into next year’s new unique corsage.


mst said...

Go Orange and back! Those colors are my H.S. & hometown. Go Esky! Just have to shout that! LOL

Becky B. said...

You researched the Homecoming Mum? Really? I think I know someone with too much time on her hands... LOL

Staci said...

It's going to be very difficult for me to participate in all of this because I think it's so RIDICULOUS. You know kids didn't do this - some pompas, over-indulgent parent who wanted to make sure their kids corsage was bigger, better and flashier than all the rest started this. What ever happened to a REAL flower from the florist pinned to your shirt? Just a flower, and maybe a piece of greenery. That's what I wore for my homecoming and I was the queen!! By the way, I was in HIGH SCHOOL - not 4 yrs old - yes they even do this in the peewee leagues. No, I did not get a garter for Tanner. Now, after spewing my true feelings when the time comes I'm sure I will not want my child to feel left out or not fit in so I too will indulge in this if my child wishes to. *sigh* BTW Shaunery - the ones you made are darling! Not trying to take away from the craftiness of the piece - it looks great. I just think the whole concept is out of control. Should I go on? I'll spare everyone :-)

Stephanie said...

thanks for the history lesson and the mUMs look fabulous. I remember getting mine and wearing it proudly then displaying it on my megaphone at the game. Glad Taylor is branching out.

Jeanne said...

Yes, thank you Shaunery for the Mum Lesson. I too think it is something that is getting out of hand. I am a true blue Texan who loves football, but hate the tradition of the mum. Could have something to do with the fact that I DID NOT GET ONE WHEN I WAS IN HIGH SCHOOL!!!!! But then if a boy had given me one I woulda bashed him. I was such a tomboy. Yeah, I know, hard to believe.

I say we make them for ourselves for the Oklahoma vs. Texas game!

celticmystyc said...

First, thank you for the compliments on the mums, but I have to fess up. I bought Taylor's from Michaels.

IF anyone wanted to make mums, I'd be happy to help you make one. I'm seriously considering making and selling them next year. Fresh mums from the florist start at some ridiculous fee. I heard one mom say she spent $45.00 on her 4th grade daughters mum BEFORE adding all the dodads!

Michaels & Hobby Lobby sell the supplies, and Michaels takes competitors coupons. I got 40% off on Taylors last week.

Jeanne if we do mums, we should make a float too! LOL Go MIZZOU!

Jenn said...

I don't think I had a mun until I was in high school. And that was from my date. I was not cheerleader, queen, etc. Never had the desire to be so either. I was sweetheart for DECA my senior year, but that only involved dressing up. Which I hate, too. I am surprised I even went to the proms.

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