Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Back to "Normal"????

Oh my gosh, it's been a whirlwind of two weeks but WOW whata great two weeks. David came home for a much needed break from the Navy world. He had every intention of working on "honey-do's" but instead enjoyed playing with the kids and just being.

Sarah's seizures back in May did little for David's state of mind, but being able to see her again and see for himself that she's okay...did loads of good. While home, Sarah learned how to ride her bike without training wheels and expereienced her first sit down theatre movie. Wall-E Together David & Sarah read books, played on the swings, did crafts....and chatted. Something Sarah never really was into until recently.

This time home it was all about family and down time. David made extra sure that I was given plenty of down time and time out with my girlfriends. I've been cropping, to pokeno, shopping, and yes, sleeping in. He was reminded that Sarah still wakes in the middle of the night and then gets up pretty early in the morning. He witnessed the morning shouting matches between siblings over the remote control or what cartoon was being watched. He went head to head with the 9 year old over cleaning bedrooms, sibling rivalry and plain ol' "It's not fair...." The kids learned I'm not the only one who rides their ass about picking up, household chores, brushing teeth, hanging towels and the other billion stupid little things you nag your children to do day in and day out. Everyone has been staying up late, sleeping in and enjoying cuddling and hanging out.

We've been to parades, festivals, street fairs. There have been park days and "pool" time at the neighbors. We've even had family down from Missouri to help celebrate Erin's 9th birthday along with all our very dear good friends. Erin hoped to save enough birthday money to buy her very own Ninetindo DS and let's just say it's pearl pink! Uncle Brett and The Somer Grandparents shipped Taylor a Playstation2 as promised and he's in hog heaven. I'll be buying timers for both kids as well as one for the bathroom. (sigh)

Erin is gearing up for cheerleading. Cheer Camp started last night and it's a whole new world compared to cheer two years ago. First it's from 7-9 PM, it's closed to parents and siblings, and for $35 bucks, you get to cheer. No t-shirt, no shorts... The adults were short and abrupt with the parents and I'm not thrilled in the slightest.

Taylor's choir camp fell apart. I've been waiting for some paperwork from the campus, so I called to follow up on it. In doing so, I learned that camp was July 16-19......wait the website reads July 22-24. I'm like excuse me? So, now that the paper work/application is being resent (oh, we forgot to mail it..) to me, it's useless because the camp is OVER! I sputter to the young lady on the other end, but the website says.... the response is "Oh, the website needs to be updated" WHAT??? I'm pissed, and Taylor is disappointed. His highlight, he finally has his own cell phone. (so he could call me when it was time to be picked up...)

So, now David is up, up and away flying back to D.C. today. Only four and a half months until he gets to start his terminal leave. David will be home for Christmas! Until then he's working on his resume, enrolling for his "TAPS" class, and jumping thru all the hoops required for retirement. I think he'll be pretty busy.

The kids and I will be heading to Wal-mart. Back to school supplies are on SALE!! Whooo hooo! Enrollment is August 11th and I think school starts the 25/26th.... I'll be calling an "emergency ARD Meeting" in regard to Sarah. The BIC class was a complete failure and I won't subject her to that again. So, we'll have to be re-evaluated and such.

Thats all for now. I'll try to keep things more current in the future....


Marcy said...

Yeah, welcome back to the blog. Counting down till December!


Jeanne said...

Wow, I am tired after reading all that you have done over the last few weeks. You can breath after the 25th of August!!

Staci said...
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Jenn said...

So enjoyed his visit and getting to see you out and about. He'll be home before we know it and until then you have us to lean on and complain to. :-)

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