Monday, March 17, 2008

Spring Break

OMG.. it's spring break here. But first let us back up to last Tuesday...even though the Dr. appointment was a let down, the rest of the afternoon was much better. We received everyone's report cards. Sarah received the "Citizen of the Week" certificate, that's a MAJOR thing for her. And she's pretty much "mastered" everything you need to know in kindergarten. I'm not sure what they'll teach her next.
Erin made A/B Honor roll and brought ALL her grades up! I was very surprised considering all the time at Oz practice, late nights and what seemed like not enough time for homework. But she made us very proud.
Taylor also made A/B Honor roll and brought home ALL A's! He said that he hadn't done that in a very long time. So kudo's to him.
Tuesday was also UIL Choir make-up competition, as they were snowed out before....Our kids didn't do as well as they'd like, but it was a HUGE learning experience. We brought the ONLY 7/8 grade boys choir to the plate, so a first for a mighty long time. The boys scored 3's and 3-'s...not well but the judges were tough but fair. Considering that most of the boys involved are there only for a grade not for the passion, not bad. Taylor arrived back from Saginaw tired and worn out. Only for me to drag him thru SMS Open House!!! He took me to meet his teachers and listen to what they had to say. They all said how much they enjoyed having Taylor in their classroom, they wished more students were like him and they were all very proud of his accomplishments! Taylor is now gearing up for UIL Science Competition!! He's getting excited and I'm excited for him.
Okay now moving forward...
Erin has now been to two of her Honor Choir practices. They have alot of music to learn and a short time to learn it! We're heavy on soprano's and light on alto's, which makes it very interesting. Her choir performance will be on April 12th.
Now that Taylor's done with competion, the boys choir will be preparing for their final spring performance AND the big blow out competition/performance at Six Flaggs on April 26th.
Sarah is ALSO preparing for her upcoming performance in the Kindergarten play. It's the classic story of the mouse helping the lion. Sarah gets to play a hunter and it's a non-speaking part. (thank goodness!)
Every single Saturday in April is full and May is quickly following.
Well that's all for's only Monday and I'm sure there will be more to report and share....(it's only MONDAY!)


Jeanne said...

Wow, I am exhausted just reading all of that. Way to go kids!! I hope to see you on Thursday.

Safety1 said...

Good Job you three. Congrats on the grades and all the events this winter. Hang on Mom, Summer is almost here.

Staci said...

Yeah for everyone! Awesome report cards! That's awesome that Taylor and Erin have become so involved in the choirs. Cool!

Marcy said...

Good job, Kiddoes! Day 3 of Spring Break and you're making the news for all the rain - fun, fun! They'll go back to school soon.

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