Sunday, March 23, 2008


It really shouldn't be that difficult to photograph three children. Erin poses like there is no tomorrow. Sarah wiggles, moves, turns and twist at every moment, mostly when I snap the shutter. Taylor wiggles, moves, makes faces, closes his eyes, or doesn't cooperate. Had this been a roll of 35mm film, half would have been wasted.
Easter was very laid back and quiet here. Sarah woke at the crack of dawn, and then woke her siblings to explore their "baskets". Afterwards, Taylor & I crawled back to bed for a bit. Sarah & Erin watched cartoon. Later we watched Easter Parade with Judy Garland. All the kids received new bathing suits from the bunny, Sarah insisted on going swimming. So, Erin & Sarah spent an hour or so in the bathtub "swimming". Sarah napped and later we hunted for eggs. The eggcitment is overwelming, I know. In a bit, I'll make deviled eggs and egg salad sandwiches. My heartrate is elevated as is my blood pressure, I must stop or I may faint. Later after I calm from the eggcitement of the day, I'll post some more pictures

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Jeanne said...

OK, you are so corny. That is a great pictures of the kids. You can see Sarah is already scanning the yard for eggs.

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