Sunday, July 15, 2007


I love parties, and planning my childrens birthdays are always such fun. They give me the idea and off I run! This year, Erin wanted a Pirate themed party after seeing Pirates of the Caribbean. Her guests were encouraged to dress for the party and so did we. What made this year extra special was having David HOME for her birthday. Since moving to Texas, he's missed every birthday due to his military obligations. NOT this year. The kids were GREAT and I think the grown-ups had a good time too. Little Otis was entranced and fascinated with the water balloons, so I made sure he had a complete and fulfilled experience!!! Thank you EVERYONE for celebrating Erin's 8th with us!!!

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Oh Shaunery, your slide show is perfect. I love what you did with it. We had a wonderful time and I know it was a bit shaky at first but the kids just need to get together more and they will be fine.

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