Friday, June 15, 2007

Summer Time Woasss

It truely is summer time. The kids are already bemoaning, "There's nothing to do." or "It's too hot." and "There's no one to play with." ????? That last one really gets me, three children are under one roof and no one to play with. To quote a good friend, "Oh really?"
This week we've stayed home. An outstanding feat for me. But with Erin feeling yucky and fundage a little tight...home it is. Monday we did go to Sarah's 5 year well check. For physical growth, she is dead on for her weight and height. Dr. Hudman and I both agreed that her speech could use improvement and the Dr. is helping us find a speech theapist who will accept our insurance. (JOY!) We're also looking into getting Sarah involved in a child study program to see what makes Sarah tick. Dr. Hudman also agreed that Sarah wasn't operating on a 5 year olds level for behavior, so the CSP might provide some insight.
Wednesday evening Sarah battled wasps. She was playing under her jungle gym and must have aggrivated or swatted at a wasp. Next thing she knows, she's getting stung on the hand and on her chin. Most children would run, but Sarah gets angry, (how DARE they sting HER!) so she screams and yells at the wasps. Finally realizing defeat, she came running inside. Her poor little hand is all puffed up like a sausage and her chin is all puffy too. Watched her Wednesday night for any allergic reactions (like Papa Wharton) but nothing happened. We've been putting pulice and a bandage to hold it in place, when we can get her to sit still long enough.
Hubby is home from two weeks of schooling (here on base) so off to see how his final day was and some family time. Have a good weekend ya'll and hopefully something fun to post by Monday.

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