Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Rubbin' Off...

Okay, for those that know me well, you've heard me talk about my dear mother-n-law, Betsy. And everyone knows, including family, how much I tease and chastise her for her collecting. EVERYTHING. Betsy saves newspaper clipping, magazine articles, napkins, menus, programs, everything. And I tease her, constantly. As a scrapbooker, I tread in deep waters, because if you crop, you "save" things. I think Betsy may be rubbing off on me... I've caught myself saving newspaper clippings recently. BUT with good reason... the above is of Erin & David on a recent outing to our local park. I saved it because they are flying kites, the very kites that dear mother-n-law sent for Easter....(good daughter-n-law)

Now this clipping came from this weeks paper...look familiar? It's the bridge on 199 that was closed on Saturday. All that debris floated past Jennifer's house at one point or another! They've been cleaning ever since! So, I had to "keep it".
HOWEVER, when I "keep" a clipping... I scan it, save it and throw the paper away! I just clutter up my hard drive instead of the bookshelves, desk and garage. I'm trying, really, I'm trying. Done sharing, I'm sure I'll get plenty of comments from my family. Dunno if we'll hear from Betsy, has anyone shown her how to "blog" yet? ;)

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