Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Let's Go Fly A Kite!!!

On May 6th, after I came home from NSD at Cat's, we all went kite flying! The Easter Bunny put kites in the kids basket. Erin quickly mastered her kite, but her kite cooperated. Sarah LOVED the kite, and as seen in many a cartoon, magazine or picture book, could be seen running with her precious kite trailing behind. Unfortunately, her kite did NOT wish to cooperate; it continuously took nose dives. Sarah soon tired of this, so she found other means of entertainment. She has a new collection of stones she found in the baseball diamond!


Susan said...

Great pics of the kids! I especially love the closeness and angle of the one of Sarah! Give them both Hugs & Kisses!

Miss & Love ya!


Becky B. said...

Sarah is beautiful here. Great job as photog mom!

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